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Call of duty

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them." - Ephesians 2:10

Most people wonder what their calling in life is supposed to be.

Why are we here and what should we be doing with our life?

As believers in Jesus especially, we wonder what exactly God is calling us to do.

I think sometimes we tend to over spiritualize things.

We assume that unless God speaks audibly or writes His will out for us in the clouds, that we can't know what God wants us to do with our lives.

While there are times when God makes a calling or life direction very clear (through a variety of circumstances), this isn't true for all or even for many of us.

Many people (including myself at one time) wrongly assume that if we aren't in full time ministry, that we aren't really serving God with our lives.

We look at our secular job or staying at home as a mom as something "lesser" than those who "get to serve God full time".

And yet this couldn't be further from the truth.

Now it's true, there are some people languishing away at a dead end job who could and probably should quit and go do ministry full time. Maybe that's what God is calling them to do.

It's possible to be at a job that is not God's will for you.

But let me be honest (and blunt) when I say that there are others who serve in full time ministry who should not be there, either!

Here's the truth: There are many who are working at a job, loving their spouse, helping to raise their kids, and volunteering at their church who are exactly where God wants them to be.

They should not feel guilty not being in "official" ministry full time- because not all people are called to do that. In fact, few are.

YOUR ministry- those works God has prepared beforehand that you should do; can be many things.

Your job is a ministry. Your pastor can't reach your coworkers for Christ, but guess who can?

Raising your kids is a ministry. Your pastor isn't called to raise your kids for you, but guess who is?

There are people within your social circles of influence that only YOU can reach!

Whatever it is that you do, all things can be done for the glory of God and for the cause of Christ.

Of course there are people who are living outside of God's will for their lives. Maybe they are in habitual sin or maybe they are running away from their true calling- which may or may not be some kind of church ministry.

But don't think of yourself as someone "lesser" because you don't preach 51 Sundays a year.

What you need to ask yourself is- what are my spiritual gifts? And how can I use them to bless my church family?

Is my marriage and family Biblical?

What does the Bible have to say about what I'm supposed to be doing? Does my life line up with Scripture?

If you are living out these things and working on your walk with the Lord- you are well on your way to living out His will for your life.

Finally, don't forget that God knew well in advance how you would choose to live and what mistakes you would make. He kept that all in mind when He laid out those good works for you to do.

He isn't expecting perfection (He knows better!), but He is expecting a willingness to follow Him.

Let's all keep walking down that path together.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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