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History (1928)


On August 31st, 1927, a group of German speaking immigrants arrived by train at Minitonas. They were poor, homeless, and friendless. Four of the families spent the night in the Town Hall and the rest were lodged elsewhere. They felt the need to worship together and met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Tulman. Rev. Wahl led the first service and after that the people led their own services whenever weather and health permitted.


On May 6th, 1928, under the direction of Rev. A. Kujath, the Minitonas First Baptist Church was organized with thirty charter members. 



On July 8th, 1928, a large number of people immigrated from Europe and the church experienced a quick growth. Since the Tulman home was now much too small to accommodate the congregation, the people met outdoors under the trees. With the arrival of colder weather and because many people had settled north of Minitonas, a central meeting place was found at Knox United Church. The people were grateful to the congregation of Knox United Church but felt a great desire to have a church building of their own. 


On August 18th 1929, the cornerstone of the new church was laid. The church was finished and dedicated to the glory of God on October 20th, 1929. The structure’s cost totalled $3600. 

Minitonas First Baptist

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