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What is our root problem?

We can all see that there are major problems all around us- crime, drugs, broken homes, depression, anxiety and so forth. We try our best to ignore what is obviously happening, but as time goes on it becomes harder to not see it.

But the issues that we see all around us are only the symptoms of a much greater problem. Why does a person drink? Why does a person commit crimes? Why do husbands and wives give up on each other in divorce- thus creating a broken home?

What's been frustrating for me to see over the years is how many resources are poured into dealing with the symptoms. Like taking a pill to stop a headache (does your head hurt because you didn't take a pill or because something else is wrong with your body?)- we try all sorts of bandages and medications to help stop the bleeding wounds we see all around us. But is any of it working? Millions of dollars are poured into secular programs that promise results- but is it really doing anything to deal with our root problem?

Of course it isn't working. If any of what the world tried was working to stop crime or broken homes or depression- things would be getting better, not worse. But they are indeed getting worse.

What is our root problem, according to the Bible? It's that we are sinful by nature. We are broken and empty because we are all born alienated from the One whom we were created for. Until we can solve this problem, we will not be getting any better.

Jesus came to die for our sins and to rise from the dead so that we would have LIFE. He didn't promise to solve all of our problems here on the earth, but He did come to solve our greatest problem- our sin.

I don't expect that a city wide revival followed by massive social improvements is on the way anytime soon.

But I do believe that when a person encounters God for themselves and places their trust in Jesus- everything changes for that person.

Pastor Kevin

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