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Ministry is about people, not programs

I've talked to people over the years who have told me that they don't know what their spiritual gift is.

They aren't public speakers or Sunday school teachers. They aren't good at office work or hospitality. And they truly wonder where they fit in when it comes to the body of Christ.

If we had to find the 80+ people in our church an official "ministry position"- then it's true, there aren't that many slots to fill. I totally get the discouragement of not feeling like you fit into any particular role.

But here's something I was thinking about this morning.

Ministry is about people, not programs.

We may not have 80 slots to put people into, but there ARE 80 people to minister to.

We all need encouragement, help, prayer, and growth as believers in Jesus.

The older have so much to offer the younger.

Mom's need help with their kids.

Men are lonely and need friends.

We can all use prayer, encouragement, and community.

This really opens things up, doesn't it?

It isn't about competing for a select number of ministry slots.

It's about you, an individual- finding out how can you encourage and build up 80 other people in our church for Jesus Christ.

That is something we can ALL do!

What if all of us began doing this for one another?

What would change in our church and in our lives?

Who can you reach out to and encourage today?

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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